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Fecamp 2021 – RS Edition

0 November 18, 2021 in 2021 by

A weekend race in Fecamp, hosted by Damién! 

Team RS wanted to drive the last race in Fecamp, Driver Ruben fixed a walking Co-pilot, named Lorre. 
Next he called up a drunk mechanik, Rick. and finaly ruben called the worst content media manager you can call, d’n ollander. 


DSC00914 DSC00916 DSC00917 DSC00919 DSC00924 DSC00925 DSC00926 DSC00927 DSC00928 DSC00929 DSC00930 DSC00931 DSC00932 DSC00935 DSC00936 DSC00939 DSC00942 DSC00945 DSC00952 DSC00955 DSC00957 DSC00962 DSC00967 DSC00970 DSC00974 DSC00975 DSC00978 DSC00981 DSC00983 DSC00985 DSC00986 DSC00991 DSC00992 DSC00994 DSC00997 DSC00998 DSC01002 DSC01004 DSC01005 DSC01009 DSC01011 DSC01012 DSC01013 DSC01014 DSC01017 DSC01018 DSC01022 DSC01025 DSC01029 DSC01032 DSC01036 DSC01037 DSC01045 DSC01046

DSC01048 DSC01050 DSC01051 DSC01055 DSC01058 DSC01060 DSC01061 DSC01062 DSC01063 DSC01064 DSC01067 DSC01068 DSC01072 DSC01075 DSC01076 DSC01077 DSC01078 DSC01080 DSC01081 DSC01083 DSC01084 DSC01088 DSC01090 DSC01092 DSC01095 DSC01096 DSC01105 DSC01109 DSC01111 DSC01113 DSC01116 DSC01119 DSC01122 DSC01123 DSC01124 DSC01125 DSC01129 DSC01133 DSC01136 DSC01137 DSC01138 DSC01139 DSC01140 DSC01141 DSC01145 DSC01149 DSC01151 DSC01153 DSC01155 DSC01156 DSC01160 DSC01162 DSC01163 DSC01165

DSC01166 DSC01169 DSC01171 DSC01173 DSC01175 DSC01176 DSC01177 DSC01178 DSC01183 DSC01188 DSC01189 DSC01191 DSC01194 DSC01198 DSC01199 DSC01203 DSC01206 DSC01207 DSC01209

DSC01213 DSC01214 DSC01215 DSC01216 DSC01218 DSC01226 DSC01227 DSC01230 DSC01233 DSC01234 DSC01238 DSC01239 DSC01242 DSC01245 DSC01246 DSC01247 DSC01249 DSC01251 DSC01254 DSC01255 DSC01257 DSC01262 DSC01263 DSC01264 DSC01265 DSC01266 DSC01267 DSC01268 DSC01270 DSC01272 DSC01273 DSC01277 DSC01279 DSC01281 DSC01283 DSC01284 DSC01285 DSC01287 DSC01288 DSC01289 DSC01295 DSC01296 DSC01298 DSC01301

DSC01302 DSC01303 DSC01304 DSC01306 DSC01309 DSC01310 DSC01315


DSC01329 DSC01332 DSC01334 DSC01343 DSC01345 DSC01348 DSC01350 DSC01351 DSC01357 DSC01358 DSC01359 DSC01361 DSC01363 DSC01365 DSC01366 DSC01372 DSC01374 DSC01388 DSC01393 DSC01395 DSC01397 DSC01399 DSC01403 DSC01404 DSC01406 DSC01409 DSC01412 DSC01414 DSC01417 DSC01418 DSC01421 DSC01429 DSC01434 DSC01438 DSC01439 DSC01441 DSC01451 DSC01455 DSC01462 DSC01465 DSC01470 DSC01471 DSC01473 DSC01475 DSC01477 DSC01478 DSC01481 DSC01482 DSC01483 DSC01486 DSC01488

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